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About Solar Clean... Cleaning our future

Michael Madeley

Michael Madeley,
Director and Founder

As a business owner for over 15 years, I have picked up many different skills. I am constantly looking for more efficient ways to run our business whilst looking after the environment and reducing our carbon footprint. I have always been conscious of the environmental impact we have in everything we do and I firmly believe that small changes every day will shape a greener future for us and for our future generations.

How the business started

It was in 2008 when looking at the pros and cons of installing a solar system to our home, I started making enquiries on how to maintain the system and make sure it produced maximum power for the investment I was going to make. What I found out was the obvious– how clean or dirty the glass panels were had a massive impact on the power generated!

So how do you keep solar panels clean?

Being a curious and technically-minded guy, I actually read the small print on the warranty and found another very good reason to keep the solar panels clean – cleaning was required to maintain the warranty. When I asked my local solar shop how I would do that, they laughed and said, “get up there with a bucket of soap and water!”

There had to be a better way

These days many people find even mowing their lawns a struggle, be it time or physical capabilities, so getting up on a roof to clean solar panels was definitely going to be a huge challenge! The height,  fitness required, extra long ladders, carrying buckets of water up and down with you as can’t use a hose and the many safety issues makes it too hard and too dangerous. After researching the industry and opportunities, I decided to create Solar Clean Services.

Professional team

Our professional team of technicians are specifically trained to perform a detailed cleaning of your solar panels. This will maximise electrical efficiency and potentially save your home or business thousands of dollars. They have also been trained in height safety and customer service. Their professionalism in providing you with the best possible service is of utmost importance to us and any feedback to Solar Clean is strongly encouraged to ensure the best ongoing service being provided to you in the future.  All technicians have:

  • Had police checks and clearance
  • Been issued with current water permits
  • Are independently fully insured
  • References available to you

100% satisfaction guarantee

We guarantee a perfect clean every time and if you have any follow-up problems or queries please contact us immediately.

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For more information, an on-site fixed quote or to book cleaning of your solar panels, please contact us. We look forward to helping you get the most out of your solar panels.

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our technicians

Our professional team of technicians are highly trained to do a detailed clean of your solar panels. This will maximise electrical efficiency and potentially save your home or business thousands of dollars.

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cleaning my solar panels

Solar Clean is a professional solar panel cleaning company using the latest unique environmentally-friendly telescopic reach-and-wash cleaning system (100% pure water), which ensures perfect cleaning results and is safe for the solar panels and the surrounding environment.

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