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When they installed our system they said it was maintenance free,
so why do I need to clean them?

Yes the system is, but the panels on the roof will get dirty over time. This will significantly lower the ability of the panels to capture sunlight which will decrease the amount of electricity generated.

Won’t the rain clean the panels?

Yes rain will wash some of the loose dust off. Other debris such as bird and animal droppings, salt crystallization, dirt and mineral residue (clouding) will all require cleaning to be removed.

Why shouldn’t I just do it myself?

Getting up on the roof can be a daunting task, besides dragging a hose up and standing on a wet roof can be very dangerous! With current water restrictions, and using our dirty tap water (it leaves streaks/ residue on the glass) it all starts to get a bit hard!

Will cleaning affect rainwater supply?

No, our unique cleaning system uses purified (RO/ DI Filtered) water which is 100% safe for your water supply, no chemicals or detergents.

We are the only business in Australia using this hi-tech unique cleaning system designed for our industry.

Will cleaning my panels void my warranty?

No, regular maintenance and inspections of your panels will protect your warranty and is recommended by the manufacturers.

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our technicians

Our professional team of technicians are highly trained to do a detailed clean of your solar panels. This will maximise electrical efficiency and potentially save your home or business thousands of dollars.

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cleaning my solar panels

Solar Clean is a professional solar panel cleaning company using the latest unique environmentally-friendly telescopic reach-and-wash cleaning system (100% pure water), which ensures perfect cleaning results and is safe for the solar panels and the surrounding environment.

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